Interesting Turn of Events

First, my appointment on the 6th of February was positive.  The Onc was satisfied for the time being that my lungs were indeed “clear” of communist cancer cells.  I only had a lung x-ray for this visit.  He did the usual poke, prod, lung listening, etc.  My next check-up is a cat scan in May.  It will have been 6 months since the last one.  Yea!

The visit on the 6th was different in two ways.

First, I had not taken sertraline for a little over a week.  I was on the low dose anti-anxiety med and it was very helpful while I was undergoing chemo and the initial check ups after the last treatment.  It just took the “edge off” and permitted me to remain focused on the tasks at hand.  However comma I needed to come off of it such that I learn to cope without this med.

I experienced a small amount of withdrawal.  It was only a 25 mg dose, but I am very sensitive to any med.  I was a bit jittery and, as my husband person/caregiver would tell you, I was a bit aggressive at times.  Shorter fuse. These symptoms appear to have subsided as of the writing of this post.  Now to be candid, I have battled a temper for my entire life.  And that battle will resume as “normal” — haha.

The second thing that made this visit to the Onc’s office was how I was treated by the personnel at the center I go to in this area.  During the treatment phase, I was encouraged, etc.  My husband person said I was a “rock star” given my ability to tolerate the treatments.  I am sure it was encouraging to the staff that I completed all 6, given it was “unprecedented.”

When I visited this time, I was treated “normal.”  I was basically a visitor to the office, not a “patient.”  It felt weird.  I wasn’t quite sure what to think for a very short time.

Then I had a “I coulda’ had a V8 moment.”  I am now a visitor.  Yes, I have follow-up appointments, but the folks at this center have patients with which to deal.

Wow.  Changes happening and I am adjusting.  The Lord is patient with me.  I just hope y’all in the blogosphere can be patient as well.  All my not-so-cute idiosyncrasies are going to come back out.  All this said …

I are here.

I Are Here

23 Comments on “Interesting Turn of Events”

  1. Adrienne says:

    It’s good to be a visitor 😉

    • Mrs. AL says:

      I am glad you stopped by, Adrienne. I know you are a ‘Nox and Friends visitor and it’s possible you have been here before and I just don’t remember — so welcome (again).

      I have tried to comment on articles at BlogSpot and can’t. I used to have my personal post there but can’t get my account to work. So I try to comment as “anonymous’ and it doesn’t let me. You have a great post there and thanx for linking your name to it.

      And indeed, it IS good to be a visitor!

  2. You’re good to go, Lady. And that temper??? Meditation and recognition of cause will take care of it.

    You’ll do fine. Just don’t fret what you don’t control. There are limits to YOUR Responsibility.

    • Mrs. AL says:

      Grouchy, I came out of the shoot with a temper. Must have been the blood transfusions at birth that caused me to fight to survive that led me to be “angry” and it just stuck — HAHA Thanx for the input to help me fight it.

      And the “not fret” comment is perfect. My husband person thanks you for that. I certainly have overcome a lot of that with these experiences and I thank the Lord. I am learning to not try and control that over which I have no control so I can enjoy each and every day and control those things over which I have control.

  3. arik says:

    The Lord won’t take you until he’s certain you’re done.

    I, for one, am glad you’re still cookin’.

  4. Gar Swaffar says:

    Perfect. Now, run like someone left the gate open!

  5. thedrpete says:

    Guts gets glory, Mrs. AL. See you soon.

    • Mrs. AL says:

      Thanx, DrPete! And I think we both know that you and everyone else who comments/reads this blog have shown guts in your lives as well. I am in good company!

      Indeed, we are looking forward to meeting you and your lovely wife person (hopefully). Are you settled in? We have been thinking about you and your move to the Sunshine State!

  6. CW says:

    I’m glad I’m not the only one with a bit of a temper problem. I’d hate to tell you what my husband says about me!

    Glad your visit went well and you are relegated to “visitor” status, Mrs. AL. Keep up the good work!

  7. bullright says:

    It sounds like some good, positive news. Congrats on that. But I was taken by the temper thing. Now that sounds out of whack. Is there a cure for that? You don’t seem like you’d be a candidate for that. I like the way you put things though.

    • Mrs. AL says:

      I have battled my temper since I came out of Mom’s womb, Bullright. We all have one or two things that dog us, temper is one of mine.

      And indeed, the news was good and positive. I take one day as she comes now, No more fretting and “what ifs” for me. Every day is a precious gift. Every day is a holiday.

      Thanx for visiting.

  8. tannngl says:

    What a wonderful post! You, again, are YOU! 😎

    • Mrs. AL says:

      Thanx, tannngl. Am still revamping my next post. Getting too longish and I don’t want to necessarily break it up. Hmmmm. Wonder what you will say about the next one. I look forward to your comments. And your nutritional site will play a role.

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