Every Day …


Every day is an opportunity to love and forgive.

Every day is an opportunity to serve others.

Every day is a holiday.

9 Comments on “Every Day …”

  1. thedrpete says:

    Indeed, Mrs. AL, given the unalienable right from the Creator or Nature’s God to liberty — which, as I am inclined to often opine, is the sine qua non — every day one may choose to love and forgive, one may choose to serve others, and one may choose to see the day as a holiday, albeit a working one.

    • Mrs. AL says:

      Thank you so much for your thoughtful comment, DrPete. Every day is a work day too, DrPete. We have responsibilities — always. And that’s a good thing, no?

      • thedrpete says:

        Yes, that’s a good thing. Heck, just yesterday, I hosted a friend from Tennessee for lunch and golf at our PGA Golf Club.

  2. The hardest things we’ll ever learn are these: To love ourselves for what we are, and to forgive ourselves for our errors.

    God Bless All here,,,, and A Blessed Valentine’s Day to you all.

  3. J.O.B. says:

    Everyday is truly a holiday MrsAl. It is definitely harder to love and forgive than it is disdain. But as I grow older, I find that forgiveness and love makes me feel better as a man.

    Since I first met you on the internet, you have consistently said that you were “Always learning”. But what you never mention, is how much you teach us. Especially us 30 somethings. You have taught me about strength, courage, and with the help of your Husband person, you have taught me a quite a bit about undying love.

    You are going through a rough journey right now. I helped my Mother through that journey, but the outcome was not quite as positive. But you have support, and that’s what matters. Your husband sounds like he’s “all-in” which is awesome. The cancer was found early enough that it sounds like it can be beat. Not with hate for those cells, but with love.

    You may be a Conservative MrsAl. And from my understanding, the best I am is a Rino. But I feel a kinship with you. If you and MrAl ever come to Chicago for a visit, please let me know. I would love nothing more than to take the two of you to zoos, museums, and a kick ass steakhouse.And if not, please always feel free to contact me if necessary.

    But know one thing. you may be “Always Learning”. But you have taught us more than we could ever ask for. You are definitely in our hearts.

    P.S.- I know you’re a big fan of music. If you are feeling up to I would like to share with you the song that my wife and I danced to for our “first dance”. I’m guessing this is how MrAl feels the same way about you as I feel with my better half. please feel free to click on the link, and turn the volume UP……………….

    • Mrs. AL says:

      You are most kind, JOB. My thanxs. I know you went through a tough time with your Mother.

      And I am grateful for the vid. Yes, music is important to yours truly. And the fact that you shared you and your wife person’s “first dance” music makes it all the more special.

      I have a different email address now, so will send you a note soonly so you have it.

      Thanx again, JOB!!

  4. CW says:

    I’m obviously a bit behind on my reading, Mrs. AL.

    I love the sentiments of this post. It’s hard (at least for me it is) to maintain that mindset in times like these.

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